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Jacob McCoy

Having studied piano, voice, and viola throughout his education, Jacob McCoy leans heavily on his classical roots to find new sounds and tell heart wrenching stories with his music. His artistic voice is distinctly rooted in textures and colors influenced by his love of musical theater, film music, and classical music. 
But of all things he wants to pave a new way for film and concert music, writing pieces with polyrhythms, unique textures, and strong melodic throughlines that fall easy on the ears.

Today Jacob has written for numerous ensembles, genres, and mediums. His love for musical theater, film music, and classical music have lead to a diverse body of work ranging from solos to orchestral poems, classical to postmodern, acoustic to electronic. 
Jacob is currently a graduate student at University of North Carolina School of the Arts. He received his Bachelors in Music Composition at Oklahoma City University. 
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